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Responsibilities of the Fire Department Chaplain

A fire department chaplain's primary focus is on the needs of the fire department and whatever situation the firefighters encounter where the chaplain may be of service to both the firefighters and the community the fire department serves. Essentially a fire department chaplain is there is relieve the stress of the fire department itself or of a family in crisis.

Some of the responsibilities of the fire department chaplain are, provide guidance and counseling for fire personnel for job-related problems and personal problems, including counseling with immediate family members and assist in any way possible when fire personnel are seriously injured, ill, or deceased.

A fire department chaplain will often provide a family who has lost a member of the family who was on the fire department, because the chaplain has spent so much time with that family member at the fire department, that it is comforting to talk to someone who knows your family member so well. A chaplain will also attend various departmental social functions and participate when appropriate. Conduct weddings, memorial services, funerals and religious activities when requested, including invocations and benedictions at official functions.

Kent VFD members are encouraged to reach out to a Chaplain with confidentiality assured, to discuss the stress of recent calls or events which may be mentally or spiritually burdensome. The Chaplains have access to resources which can be of assistance through various local and state agencies.

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