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 We are a 100% Volunteer Fire Department!

The Kent Cliffs Fire Department is always seeking dedicated, motivated, and community service oriented individuals. We accept members 16 years or older, male or female. Being a volunteer is not an easy task and is not for everyone. Volunteers respond to emergencies at all times of the day and night regardless of holidays and weather. Conditions found on the scene of an emergency vary from extreme heat, low visibility, and confined spaces to extreme cold, extreme heights, and swift and standing water. Additionally, volunteers spend hours involved in classroom lectures, field training, drills, company and county meetings, and community events. Safety is the highest priority and is enforced through constant training.

As a volunteer agency,  the Kent Volunteer Fire Department recruits all types of people. We are always openly recruiting for Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians; however, recruits may participate in a variety of capacities. The Kent Volunteer Fire Department also needs fire apparatus drivers, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) ambulance drivers, fire investigation personnel, fire police personnel, and scene support personnel.  If you are at least 16 years of age, feel you are interested in one of these positions, have the drive to serve your community, and the desire to gain valuable knowledge and skills, than come to the Kent Volunteer Fire Department headquarters (2490 Route 301 Kent Cliffs, NY 10512) on Tuesday's between 7:30pm and 10:00pm or Sunday morning between 9:00am and 12pm. For further information, contact Kent Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters at 845-225-2223. 

Membership requires an interview with the Department Chief, a Putnam County Arson Background check, a demonstrated commitment by the candidate by attending the weekly drills on Tuesday and Sunday with the final stage being a vote of the membership at the monthly meeting held the first Tuesday of each month and  after a period of demonstrated interest.

The State and County pays for all training and equipment.  No out of pocket expenses are incurred!

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs),  firefighters, and those with previous experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

Volunteer Firefighting Recruitment Video

What if Volunteer Firefighters Didn't Volunteer?


Please return your completed application in person or by mail to:

Kent Fire Department

c/o Department President

2490 Route 301

Kent Cliffs, NY 10512

Tuesday's 7:30pm - 10pm or Sunday's 9am-12pm