Founded 1971 Celebrating 44 years of Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Kent Volunteer Fire Department History Summary

    In 1958 Kent Fire District #1 was established with the following commissioners;  Henry Walker Jr., Raymond Enello, Clarence Townsend, Raymond Glover, and Victor Scileppi.  Fire Protection was provided under contract from Carmel Fire Department for an annual fee of $750.00  The fee gradually increased over the years.  In 1972 the fee had reached $5,000.00 and at the same time the commissioners were making plans for their own fire department.

    On May 26, 1971 a charter was received from the State of New York establishing "The Kent Volunteer Fire Department Inc."  Under its first chief Charles Williams and first President George Barclay, with Commissioners; Raymond Enello, Charles Townsend, Francis BArrett, Hoyle Wright, and Elton Smalley, they went to work on obtaining membership, fire trucks, and a firehouse with a $30,000.00 budget.

    Start-up equipment was generously provided by neighboring departments from Lake Carmel, a 1950 International High Pressure Pumper, from Mahopac a 1937 Mack Pumper and from Putnam Valley a 1943 Chevrolet Pumper.  Additionally a 1,000 gallon oil truck was donated by a local company and converted into a water tanker.

    Ground was broken for a new firehouse in the fall of 1971 with completion in the fall of 1972.

    On October 7, 1971 under charter from the State of New York, "The Kent Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary" was established, with its first President Lana Granello.

    By 1975 the need for Ambulance Service was indicated and initiated.  A 1959 Pontiac Ambulance was purchased from Elmsford Fire Department.  By July 1976 personnel had been trained and with the vehicle equipped it was placed in service.

    Today an established organization of approximately 70 men and woman volunteer their service to the district under the most recent leadership of Chief Justin Byrne, Assistant Chief Paul Kane, President William Noel III and Vice President Ryan Piekarski.  Our equipment has improved over the years and now includes 2011 Ford Express Chief SUV, 2006 Sterling America-LaFrance Rescue Pumper, 1988 Ford F-350 Brush Truck, 2009 Sterling 4000 Gallon Tanker, 2002 America La-France Pumper Tanker Rescue, 2006 Ford E-450 Wheel Coach Ambulance, 2010 Ford E-350 Utility Van  & Mercury raft and trailer.

    The Kent Cliffs Volunteer Fire Department covers approximately 32 square miles with an estimated 15,000 population.  Our purpose is to provide the community of Kent Cliffs with the best protection we are capable of providing.