Founded 1971 Celebrating 44 years of Neighbors Helping Neighbors



The Kent Volunteer Fire Department has been serving the Kent Cliffs community for the past 42 years by providing Fire and EMS services.  Our department is highly trained with over 70 committed members to serve you.  Each one is proud to wear the Maltese Cross. Our membership is made up of volunteers from all different backgrounds including career firefighters and EMT's, business owners, tradesman and professionals.  In addition to firefighters, we also have over fifteen NYS certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) ready to respond. Our EMT's are proud to wear the Star of Life. Some of our EMT's carry medical bags (aka - jump bag) and department portable radio's in their vehicles. This allows them to respond directly to the scene to administer emergency aid and stabilize the patient before a medic and or the ambulance arrives. 

Members are made aware of a fire or EMS need via fire pagers that pick-up unique tones for the Kent Volunteer Fire Department as well as, text and email messages sent to their computers and smart phones from a computer system called "i am responding" . This system is operated by Putnam County 911 and distributed to all Putnam County fire departments.  Once the member decides he or she is going to respond,  they call a toll free number and respond with a position e.g., firefighter, driver or EMT.  Once this call is made, the member is committed and has an obligation and duty to act.  The system allows the personnel at the fire house and the Putnam 911 dispatcher to know who is responding, what role they are responding as, including an estimated time of there arrival at the firehouse so estimates of response time to the scene can be projected.  The Kent Volunteer Fire Department participates in the Putnam County Knox Box system to help reduce the need of forced entry for non-emergency or EMS calls.

The Kent Volunteer Fire Department has one firehouse which houses 1-Tanker, 1-Pumper Tanker, 1-Rescue/Pumper, 1-Brush Truck, 1-Utility Vehicle, 1-Raft/trailer, 1-ambulance.  The Chief vehicle resides with the chief so he can always directly response to a scene.  Kent Volunteer Fire Department participates in the Putnam County mutual aid plan

The members of the department take great pride in keeping our equipment in top operating condition so we can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year regardless of weather. Safety of our responders is of utmost importance so we can help those in need.  When a member arrives on a fire scene in full gear, he or she is wearing over $8,000 worth of gear to provide the necessary personal safety which allow them to perform their job and help those in need.  

Please be courteous and yield to our members responding! You will be helping us, help you!


ALWAYS use "Due Care" when emergency or maintenance workers are working on the roadway, its the law!

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